Our Pastor                   We are currently without a pastor but very much appreciate Pastor Rollin Haynes!

                                              Pastor Rollin is preaching & serving communion one Sunday a month. He is also our moderator and helps us in so many other ways!

                                             We also are very grateful for some awesome pulpit supply each sunday.


  Our Secretary/Treasurer

- Angela Pelzel

Angela joined our staff as secretary/treasurer in 2021. As secretary she is reponsible for the weekly bulletin, the monthly newsletter and various other duties.  Her schedule is flexible, usually she is available at the church on Monday, Wednesday and occasionally Friday.


As treasurer, she is responsible for payroll, bill pay, financial reports, etc.


If you wish to have something included in the church bulletin or newsletter please contact Angela at 507-425-2244 or leave a message on the answering machine.


  Our Organist

- Norma Meyeraan

"Norma has been our full time organist since 2009.  She is very adept on the organ and the digital piano.  Norma also is responsible for lining up any special music and helps with any special programs.

  Our Custodians

Susan, Dominic & Keegan Lee

Susan Lee, along with her sons Dominic and Keegan, took over the responsiblities for the cleaning and care of our church building in 2021.